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Excel Macro Examples
After you specify a trusted location, all Excel files opened from this location will have macros
automatically enabled. The idea is to have your clients specify a trusted location and use your Excel files from
Excel Macro Examples
Covering the fundamentals of building and using macros is one thing. Coming up with good ways to
incorporate them into your reporting processes is another. Take a moment to review a few examples
of how you can implement macros in your dashboards and reports.
Open the Chapter 13 Samples.xlsm file to follow along in the next section.
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Building navigation buttons
The most common use of macros is navigation. Workbooks that have many worksheets or tabs can
be frustrating to navigate. To help your audience, you can create some sort of switchboard, such as
the one shown in Figure 13-11. When a user clicks the Example 1 button, he’s taken to the Example 1
Figure 13-11: Use macros to build buttons that help users navigate your reports.
Creating a macro to navigate to a sheet is quite simple.
1. Start at the sheet that will become your switchboard or starting point.
2. Start recording a macro.
3. While recording, click the destination sheet (the sheet this macro will navigate to).
4. After you click in the destination sheet, stop recording the macro.
5. Assign the macro to a button.
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