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Excel Macro Examples
Excel has a built-in hyperlink feature, allowing you to convert the contents of a cell into
a hyperlink that links to another location. That location can be a separate Excel
workbook, a website, or even another tab in the current workbook. Although using a
hyperlink may be easier than setting up a macro, you can’t apply a hyperlink to Form controls
(like buttons). Instead of a button, you use text to let users know where they’ll go when
they click the link.
Dynamically rearranging pivot table data
In the example illustrated in Figure 13-12, macros allow a user to change the perspective of the chart
simply by selecting any one of the buttons shown.
For more information about pivot tables, see Chapter 14. For more information about
pivot charts, see to Chapter 15.
Figure 13-12: This report allows users to choose their perspective.
Figure 13-13 reveals that the chart is actually a pivot chart tied to a pivot table. The recorded macros
assigned to each button are doing nothing more than rearranging the pivot table to slice the data
using various pivot fields.
Figure 13-13: The macros behind these buttons rearrange the data fields in a pivot table.
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