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Chapter 14: Using Pivot Tables
Figure 14-2: The Row Labels area of a pivot table gives you a row-oriented perspective.
Figure 14-3: The Column Labels area of a pivot table gives you a column-oriented perspective.
Placing a data field into the Column Labels area displays the unique values from that field in a
column-oriented perspective. The Column Labels area is ideal for creating a data matrix or showing
trends over time.
Filter area
At the top of the pivot table, the Filter area is an optional set of one or more drop-down controls. In
Figure 14-4, the Filter area contains the Region field, and the pivot table is set to show all regions.
Placing data fields into the Filter area allows you to change the views for the entire pivot table based
on your selection. The types of data fields that you drop here include those that you want to isolate
and focus on — for example, region, line of business, and employees.
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