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Chapter 14: Using Pivot Tables
Figure 14-10: Adding a new analysis layer to your data model is as easy as selecting another field.
What if this layout doesn’t work for you? Maybe you want to see business segments listed at the top
of the pivot table results. No problem. Simply drag the Business Segment field from the Row Labels
area to the Column Labels area. As you can see in Figure 14-11, this instantly restructures the pivot
table to your specifications.
Figure 14-11: Your business segments are now column-oriented.
Changing the pivot table view
Often you’re asked to produce reports for one particular region, market, product, and so on. Instead
of working hours and hours building separate pivot tables for every possible scenario, you can
leverage pivot tables to help create multiple views of the same data. For example, you can do so by
creating a region filter in your pivot table.
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