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Chapter 14: Using Pivot Tables
Click anywhere on your pivot table to reactivate the PivotTable Fields List dialog box and then drag
the Region field to the Filter area. This adds a drop-down control to your pivot table, as shown in
Figure 14-12. You can then use this control to view one particular region at a time.
Figure 14-12: Add the Region field to view data for a specific geographic area.
Updating your pivot table
As time goes by, your data may change and grow with newly added rows and columns. You use the
Refresh command to update your pivot table with these changes. To do so, simply right-click inside
the pivot table and select Refresh, as demonstrated in Figure 14-13.
Figure 14-13: Use the Refresh command to update the data in your pivot table.
Sometimes, the source data that feeds your pivot table changes in structure. For example, you may
want to add or delete rows or columns from your data table. These types of changes then affect the
range of your data source, not just a few data items in the table.
In this case, a simple update of your pivot table data won’t do. You have to update the range that is
captured by the pivot table. Here’s how:
1. Click anywhere inside your pivot table to activate the PivotTable Tools context tab in the Ribbon.
2. Click the Analyze tab.
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