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Customizing Your Pivot Table
Figure 14-17: Changing the layout for your pivot table.
Renaming the fields
Notice that every field in your pivot table has a name. The fields in the row, column, and filter areas
inherit their names from the data labels in your source data. For example, the fields in the Values area
are given a name, such as Sum of Sales Amount.
Now, you might prefer the name Total Sales instead of the unattractive default name, like Sum of
Sales Amount. In this situation, the ability to change your field name is handy. To change a field
name, perform the following steps:
1. Right-click any value within the target field.
For example, if you want to change the name of the field Sum of Sales Amount, you
rightclick any value under that field.
2. Select Value Field Settings (see Figure 14-18).
This opens the Value Field Settings dialog box.
3. Type the new name in the Custom Name box (see Figure 14-19).
4. Click OK.
Figure 14-18: Right-click any value in the target field to select the Value Field Settings option.
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