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Customizing Your Pivot Table
Figure 14-24: Select the None option to remove subtotals for one field.
Removing grand totals
You may want to remove the Grand Totals field from your pivot table.
1. Right-click anywhere on your pivot table.
2. To display the Options dialog box, select PivotTable Options.
3. Click the Totals & Filters tab.
4. Deselect Show Grand Totals for Rows.
5. Deselect Show Grand Totals for Columns.
6. Click the OK button to confirm your change.
Hiding and showing data items
A pivot table summarizes and displays all the information in your source data. There may, however,
be situations when you want to inhibit certain data items from being included in your pivot table
summary. In these situations, you can choose to hide a data item.
In terms of pivot tables, hiding doesn’t just mean preventing the data item from displaying on the
dashboard; hiding a data item also prevents it from being factored into the summary calculations.
The pivot table in Figure 14-25 shows sales amounts for all Business Segments by Market. In this
example, however, you want to show totals without taking sales from the Bikes segment into
consideration. In other words, you want to hide the Bikes segment.
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