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Customizing Your Pivot Table
You can just as quickly reinstate all hidden data items for the field. Simply click the Business Segment
drop-down list and choose Select All (see Figure 14-28).
Figure 14-28: Placing a check next to Select All forces all data items in that field to become unhidden.
Hiding or showing items without data
By default, your pivot table shows only data items that have data. This may cause unintended
problems for your data.
Look at Figure 14-29, which shows a pivot table with the SalesPeriod field in the Row Labels area and
the Region field in the Filter area. Note that the Region field is set to (All), and every sales period
appears in the report.
Figure 14-29: All sales periods are showing.
If you display only Europe in the filter area, only a portion of all the sales periods now show (see
Figure 14-30).
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