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Examples of Filtering Your Data
2. Right-click any customer name in the Customer field, select Filter, and then select Top 10
(see Figure 14-35).
Figure 14-35: Select the Top 10 filter option.
3. In the Top 10 Filter dialog box (see Figure 14-36), define the view you’re looking for.
In this example, you want the Bottom 50 Items (Customers), as defined by the Sum of Sales
Amount field.
Figure 14-36: Specify the filter you want to apply.
4. Click OK.
5. In the Filter area, click the drop-down list for the Business Segment field and select
Accessories (see Figure 14-37).
Figure 14-37: Filter your pivot table report to show Accessories.
At this point, you have exactly what you need — the 50 customers who spend the least amount of
money on accessories. You can go a step further and format the report a bit by sorting on the Sum of
Sales Amount and applying a currency format to the numbers (see Figure 14-38).
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