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Examples of Filtering Your Data
Figure 14-38: Your final report.
Note that because you built this view using a pivot table, you can now filter according to any new
field. For example, you can add the Market field to the Filter area to get the 50 United Kingdom
customers who spend the least amount of money on accessories. This, my friends, is the power of using
pivot tables for the basis of your dashboards and reports. Continue to play around with the Top 10
filter option to see what kind of reports you can come up with (see Figure 14-39).
Figure 14-39: You can easily adapt this report to produce any combination of views.
You may notice that in Figure 14-39, the bottom 50 view is showing only 23 records.
This is because there are fewer than 50 customers in the United Kingdom market that
have accessories sales. Because I asked for the bottom 50, Excel shows up to 50
accounts; but fewer if there are fewer than 50. If there’s a tie for any rank in the bottom
50, Excel shows you all the tied records.
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