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Examples of Filtering Your Data
Figure 14-42: Select the Group option.
Figure 14-43: Select the time dimensions that suit your needs.
Here are several interesting things to note about the resulting pivot table. First, notice that Quarters
and Years have been added to your field list. Keep in mind that your source data hasn’t changed to
include these new fields; instead, these fields are now part of your pivot table. Another interesting
thing to note is that, by default, the Years and Quarters fields are automatically added next to the
original date field in the pivot table layout, as shown in Figure 14-44.
Figure 14-44: Your pivot table is now grouped by Years and Quarters.
After your date field is grouped, you can use each added time grouping just as you would any other
field in your pivot table. For instance, in Figure 14-45, I moved the Years and Quarters fields to the
Column area and filtered on 2011.
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