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Chapter 15: Using Pivot Charts
You immediately see data bars in your pivot table under the values in the Sum of Sales_Amount2
field. Notice that the Data Bars coexist with the data values. To get a clean visualization, you want to
show only the Data Bars by following these steps:
1. Go to the Home tab, click the Conditional Formatting button, and select Manage Rules.
The Rules Manager dialog box appears.
2. Select the Data Bar rule you just created and then select Edit Rule.
The Edit Formatting Rule dialog box appears.
3. Click the Show Bar Only option (see Figure 15-11).
Figure 15-11: Click the Show Bar Only option to get a clean view of just the data bars.
As you can see in Figure 15-12, you now have a set of bars that correspond to the values in your pivot
table. This visualization looks like a sideway chart, doesn’t it? What’s more impressive is that as you
filter the markets in the report filter area, the data bars dynamically update to correspond with the
data for the selected market.
Figure 15-12: You have applied conditional data bars with just three easy clicks!
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