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Chapter 16: Adding Interactivity with Slicers
➤ Filter fields are not cascading filters. They don’t work together to limit selections when needed.
For example, look at Figure 16-1. You can see that the Region filter is set to the North region.
However, the Market filter still allows you to select markets that are clearly not in the North
region (California, for example). Because the Market filter is not in any way limited based on
the Region Filter field, you have the annoying possibility of selecting a market that could
yield no data because it isn’t in the North region.
Figure 16-1: Default pivot table Filter fields don’t work together to limit filter selections.
➤ Filter fields don’t provide an easy way to tell what exactly is being filtered when you select
multiple items.
Figure 16-2 shows an example of this. As you can see, the Region filter has been limited to
three regions: Midwest, North, and Northeast. However, notice that the Region filter value
shows (Multiple Items). By default, Filter fields will show (Multiple Items) when you select
more than one item. The only way to tell what has been selected is to click the drop-down.
You can imagine the confusion on a printed version of this report, when there is no way to
click down to see which data items make up the numbers on the page.
Figure 16-2: Filter fields show “(Multiple Items)” when multiple selections are made.
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