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Creating a Standard Slicer
By contrast, slicers don’t have these issues. Slicers respond to one another. As illustrated in
Figure 16-3, the Market slicer visibly highlights the relevant markets when the North region
is selected. The rest of the markets are muted, signaling that they’re not part of the North
Figure 16-3: Slicers work together to show you relevant data items based on your selection.
When selecting multiple items in a slicer, you can easily see that multiple items have been chosen. In
Figure 16-4, the pivot table is filtered by the Midwest, North, and Northeast regions. No more (Multiple
Figure 16-4: Slicers do a better job at displaying multiple item selections.
Creating a Standard Slicer
It’s time to create your first slicer. Follow these steps:
1. Place your cursor anywhere inside your pivot table; then go to the Ribbon and select the
Analyze tab.
2. Click the Insert Slicer icon (see Figure 16-5).
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