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Creating a Standard Slicer
Figure 16-5: Inserting a slicer.
The Insert Slicers dialog box appears.
3. Click the filter values to filter your pivot table (see Figure 16-6).
The idea is to select the dimensions you want to filter. In this example, the Region and
Market slicers will be created.
Figure 16-6: Select the dimensions for which you want slicers created.
As you can see in Figure 16-7, clicking Midwest in the Region slicer not only filters your pivot table,
but also the Market slicer responds by highlighting the markets that belong to the Midwest region.
Figure 16-7: Select the dimensions you want filtered using slicers.
You can also select multiple values by holding the Ctrl key while selecting the needed filters.
As illustrated in Figure 16-8, you press Ctrl while selecting Baltimore, California, Charlotte,
and Chicago, which highlights the selected markets in the Market slicer and their associated
regions in the Region slicer.
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