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Creating a Standard Slicer
Color and style
You can quickly change the color and style of your slicer. Click it; then select a style from the Slicer
Style gallery on the Slicer Tools’ Options tab (see Figure 16-13). The default styles available will suit
the majority of your dashboards.
If you want more control over the color and style of your slicer, click the New Slicer Style button at
the lower-left corner of the Slicer Style gallery shown in Figure 16-13. A dialog box appears where
you can apply detailed formatting for each component part of the slicer.
Figure 16-13: Use the Slicer Style gallery to apply a default style or create your own.
Other slicer settings
Right-clicking your slicer and selecting Slicer Settings activates the Slicer Settings dialog box shown
in Figure 16-14. With this dialog box, you can control the look of your slicer’s header, how your slicer
is sorted, and how filtered items are handled.
Figure 16-14: The Slicer Settings dialog box.
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