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Creating a Timeline Slicer
Creating a Timeline Slicer
The Timeline slicer is new in Excel 2013. The Timeline slicer is similar to a standard slicer: You filter a
pivot table using a visual selection mechanism instead of the old Filter fields. The difference is that
the Timeline slicer is designed to work exclusively with date fields, providing an excellent visual
method to filter and group the dates in your pivot table.
To create a Timeline slicer, your pivot table must contain a field where all the data is formatted as a
date. It’s not enough to have a column of data that contains a few dates. All the values in your date
field must be a valid date and be formatted as such.
To create a Timeline slicer, follow these steps:
1. Place your cursor anywhere inside your pivot table; then go up to the Ribbon and select the
Analyze tab.
2. Click the Timeline Slicer icon (see Figure 16-17).
Figure 16-17: Inserting a Timeline slicer.
The Insert Timelines dialog box, shown in Figure 16-18, activates, showing you all the
available date fields in the chosen pivot table.
3. Select the date fields for which you want to create the timeline.
Figure 16-18: Select the date fields for which you want slicers created.
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