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Using Slicers as Form Controls
5. In the Slicer Settings dialog box, uncheck the Display Header option (see Figure 16-24).
Figure 16-24: Create a slicer for the Metric field and remove the header.
Each time the Metric slicer is clicked, the associated pivot table is filtered to show only the
selected metric.
Figure 16-25 demonstrates that this action also filters the index number for that metric. The
filtered index number always shows up in the same cell (N8 in this case). So this cell can now
be used as a trigger cell for VLOOKUP formulas, INDEX formulas, and If statements.
Figure 16-25: Clicking an item in the slicer filters out the correct index number for the selected metric.
6. Use the slicer-fed trigger cell (N8) to drive the formulas in your staging area, as demonstrated
in Figure 16-26.
Figure 16-26: Use the filtered trigger cell to drive the formulas in your staging area.
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