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Understanding the Internal Data Model
2. Browse to your target Access database and open it.
The Select Data dialog box opens.
3. In the Select Data dialog box, place a check next to Enable Selection of Multiple Tables
(see Figure 17-15).
Figure 17-15: Enable the selection of multiple tables.
4. Place a check next to each table you want to bring into the internal Data Model, as
demonstrated in Figure 17-16.
5. Click OK.
The Import Data dialog box opens, as shown in Figure 17-17.
Figure 17-16: Place a check next to each table you want to import to the internal Data Model; then
click OK.
6. In the Import Data dialog box, click the Properties drop-down arrow and remove the check
next to Import Relationships Between Tables.
This ensures that Excel doesn’t error out because of misinterpretations about how the tables
are related. In other words, you want to create relationships yourself.
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