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Creating a Power View Dashboard
When you select a chart in the Power View canvas, the filter pane provides a CHART option. Clicking
that link allows you to see and apply custom filters to the selected chart. Figure 17-26 demonstrates
filtering by the Generated_Qty field using a nifty slider.
Figure 17-26: You can use the filter pane to apply chart-specific custom filters.
You can slice your chart series by dragging a new data field into the LEGEND drop zone. In the
example shown in Figure 17-27, the On_Site_Management field is placed in the LEGEND drop zone;
as a result, the original chart is sliced by the data items in the newly placed field.
Figure 17-27: Use the LEGEND drop zone to slice your chart series.
Alternatively, you can use the VERTICAL MULTIPLES or the HORIZONTAL MULTIPLES drop zone to
turn your original chart into a panel of charts. Figure 17-28 illustrates how your original chart has
been replicated to show a separate chart for each data item in the On_Site_Management field.
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