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Creating a Power View Dashboard
Figure 17-28: Dragging the On_Site_Management field to the VERTICAL MULTIPLES drop zone creates a panel
of charts.
Another neat trick is to add drill-down capabilities to a chart, which you do by dragging a new data
field to the AXIS drop zone. Figure 17-29 shows the Gen_State field dragged to the AXIS drop zone.
Initially, it will seem as though nothing happened. But in the background, Power View has layered in
the newly selected field as a new category axis.
Figure 17-29: Dragging a new field to the AXIS drop zone creates a drill-down effect.
After you add your new field to the AXIS drop zone, double-click any data point in the chart. The
chart automatically drills into the next level. In this case, because you added Gen_State (generator
state) to the AXIS drop zone, the chart drills down to show the breakdown by state for the data point
that you double-clicked (see Figure 17-30). Note the arrow icon that allows you to drill back up.
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