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Creating a Power View Dashboard
Figure 17-30: With multiple data fields in the AXIS drop zone, you can drill into the next layer of data and then
drill back up using the arrow icon.
You can create as many charts as you want to your Power View canvas. And as mentioned at the
beginning of this chapter, all components in the Power View window are automatically linked so that
they respond to one another. For instance, Figure 17-31 shows two charts on the same Power View
canvas. Clicking the pie slice for Arkansas (AR) dynamically recolors the bar chart so that it highlights
the portion of the bar that’s made up by the Arkansas data — all without any extra work from you!
Figure 17-31: Charts in a Power View dashboard automatically respond to one another.
Visualizing data in a Power View map
The latest buzz in the dashboarding world is location intelligence: visualizing data on a map to
quickly compare performance by location. Since Excel 2003, we haven’t had a good way of building
map-based visualizations without convoluted workarounds. Excel 2013 changes all that with the
introduction of Power View maps.
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