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Creating a Power View Dashboard
To add a map to your Power View dashboard, follow these steps:
1. Start with some location data in the Power View canvas.
Figure 17-32 illustrates some Zip Code data from your Data Model.
Figure 17-32: Add location data to your Power View canvas.
2. With your location data selected, click the Design tab.
3. Choose Map from the Switch Visualization group (see Figure 17-33).
Figure 17-33: Choose to show the data as a Map.
After a moment of gyrating, Excel generates a Bing map.
As you can see in Figure 17-34, the initial map will often be fairly useless. How Excel decides to
initially handle your data is a bit of a black box and varies from data set to data set. You typically need
to make some adjustments to get the view you need.
Figure 17-34: Excel generates an initial Bing map.
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