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Importing Data from Microsoft Access
The Microsoft Access Export Wizard
Access has an Export Wizard, and it’s relatively simple to use.
1. With your Access database open, click your target table or query to select it.
2. On the External Data tab on the Ribbon, select the Excel icon under the Export group.
The wizard that you see in Figure 18-2 opens.
Figure 18-2: Export data to Excel using the Excel Export Wizard.
As you can see in Figure 18-2, you can specify certain options in the Excel Export Wizard. You
can specify the file location, the file type, and some format preservation options.
3. In the Excel Export Wizard, select Export Data with Formatting and Layout; then select Open
the Destination File After the Export Operation Is Complete.
4. Click OK.
Excel opens to show you the exported data.
In Access, the last page in the Export Wizard (Figure 18-3) asks if you want to save your export steps.
Saving your export steps can be useful if you expect to frequently send that particular query or table
to Excel.
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