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Linking Your Excel Dashboards to PowerPoint
3. Open a new PowerPoint presentation and place your cursor at the location that you want to
display the linked table.
4. On the Home tab in PowerPoint, choose Paste Paste Special, as shown in Figure 19-11.
Figure 19-11: Select Paste Special from the Home tab in PowerPoint.
The Paste Special dialog box appears (see Figure 19-12).
Figure 19-12: Be sure to select Paste Link and set the link as an Excel Chart Object.
5. Select the Paste Link radio button and choose Microsoft Excel Chart Object from the list of
document types.
6. Click OK to apply the link.
Your chart on your PowerPoint presentation now links back to your Excel worksheet (see Figure 19-13).
Figure 19-13: Your Excel chart is now linked into your new PowerPoint presentation.
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