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Linking Your Excel Dashboards to PowerPoint
If you’re copying multiple charts, select the range of cells that contains the charts and
press Ctrl+C to copy. This way, you’re copying everything in that range of cells — charts
and all.
Manually updating links to capture updates
The nifty thing about dynamic links is that they can be updated, enabling you to capture any new
data in your Excel worksheets without re-creating the links. To see how this works, follow these steps:
1. Go back to your Excel file (from the example in the previous section) and change the values
for Samsung and Nokia, as shown in Figure 19-14.
Note the chart has changed.
2. Return to PowerPoint, right-click the chart link in your presentation and choose Update Link,
as demonstrated in Figure 19-15.
You see that your linked chart automatically captures the changes.
3. Save and close both your Excel file and your PowerPoint presentation and then open only
your newly created PowerPoint presentation.
Now you see the message shown in Figure 19-16. Clicking the Update Links button updates
all links in the PowerPoint presentation. Each time you open any PowerPoint presentation
with links, it asks you whether you want to update the links.
Figure 19-14: With a linked chart, you can make changes to the raw data without worrying about re-exporting
the data into PowerPoint.
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