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Distributing Your Dashboards via a PDF
➤ There are many advantages to publishing a Balanced Scorecard in PDF.
➤ Distributing your reports and dashboards as a PDF file allows you to share your final product
without sharing all the formulas and back-end plumbing that comes with the workbook.
➤ Dashboards display in PDF files with full fidelity, meaning they display consistently on any
computer and screen resolution.
➤ PDF files can be used to produce high-quality prints.
➤ Anyone using the free Adobe Reader can post comments and sticky notes on the distributed
PDF files.
➤ Unlike Excel Security, the security in a PDF is generally better, allowing for multiple levels of
security, including public-key encryption and certificates.
To convert your workbook to a PDF, follow these simple steps:
1. Click the File tab and then choose the Export command.
2. In the Export pane, select Create PDF/XPS Document (see Figure 19-19).
3. The Publish as PDF or XPS dialog box opens. Click the Options button, as demonstrated in
Figure 19-20.
4. In the Options dialog box (illustrated in Figure 19-21), you can specify what you want to
print. You have the option of printing the entire workbook, specific pages, or a range that
you’ve selected.
5. Click OK to confirm your selections.
6. Click Save.
Figure 19-19: In Excel 2013, you can natively save as PDF.
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