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Distributing Your Dashboards to SkyDrive
There are several ways to share your newly published workbook:
➤ Copy the web link from the browser address bar and e-mail that to your cohorts.
➤ Click the File tab in the web version of your file, choose Share (as shown in Figure 19-25), and
then click the Share with People command to send an e-mail to anyone you specify.
➤ Use the Embed command on the same Share pane to generate HTML code to embed your
workbook into a web page or blog.
Figure 19-25: Sharing options in an Excel web document.
Limitations when publishing to the web
It’s important to understand that workbooks that run on the web are running in an Excel Web App
that is quite different from the Excel client application you have on your PC. The Excel Web App has
limitations on the features it can render in the web browser. Some limitations exist because of
security issues, whereas others exist simply because Microsoft hasn’t had time to evolve the Excel
Web App to include the broad set of features that come with standard Excel.
In any case, the Excel Web App has some limitations:
➤ Data Validation doesn’t work on the web. This feature is simply ignored when you publish
your workbook to the web.
➤ No form of VBA, including macros, will run in the Excel Web App. Your VBA procedures
simply will not transfer with the workbook.
➤ Worksheet protection will not work on the web. Instead, you will need to plan for and use
the Browser View Options demonstrated earlier in Figure 19-23.
➤ Links to external workbooks will no longer work after publishing to the web.
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