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Key Questions to Ask Before Distributing Your Dashboard
Internal consistency: It’s never fun to explain why one part of your dashboard doesn’t jibe
with other parts of the same dashboard. You want to ensure some level of internal
consistency within your dashboard. Be sure comparable components in different areas of your
dashboard are consistent with each other. If there is a reason for inconsistency, be sure to
clearly notate those reasons. It’s amazing how well a simple notation clears up questions
about the data.
Personal experience: Have you ever seen someone look at a report and say, “That doesn’t
look right?” They are using what some people call “gut feel” to evaluate the soundness of the
data. None of us looks at numbers in a vacuum. When we look at any analysis, we bring with
us years of personal knowledge, interaction, and experience. We subconsciously use these
experiences in our evaluation of information. When determining the accuracy of your
dashboard, take into consideration organizational anecdotal knowledge . If possible, show your
dashboard to a few content experts in your company.
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