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Customizing Sparklines
Figure 3-7: A sparkline at various sizes.
Generally, the most appropriate aspect ratio for a chart is 2:1, where the chart is about
twice as wide as it is tall. Other aspect ratios can distort your visualizations,
exaggerating the trend in sparklines that are too tall, and flattening the trend in sparklines that
are too wide.
If you merge cells, and the merged cells occupy more than one row or one column, Excel
won’t let you insert a group of sparklines into those merged cells. Rather, you need to
insert the sparklines into a normal range (with no merged cells) and then merge the cells.
You can also put a sparkline in nonempty cells, including merged cells. Figure 3-8 shows two
sparklines merged with cells containing some text. This gives the appearance of two single cells with both
text and graphics.
Figure 3-8: Sparklines in merged cells (E2:I7 and E9:I14).
Handling hidden or missing data
In some cases, you just want to present the sparkline visualization, without the numbers. One way to
do so is to hide the rows or columns that contain the data. Figure 3-9 shows a table with the values
displayed, and the same table with the values hidden (by hiding the columns).
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