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Customizing Sparklines
By default, if you hide rows or columns that contain data used in a sparkline graphic, the hidden data
doesn’t appear in the sparkline. In addition, blank cells are displayed as a gap in the graphic.
To change these default settings, go to the Sparkline Tools tab on the Ribbon and select Design
Sparkline Edit Data Hidden & Empty Cells. In the Hidden and Empty Cell Settings dialog box,
specify how to handle hidden data and empty cells.
Figure 3-9: Sparklines can use data in hidden rows or columns.
Changing the sparkline type
As mentioned earlier in this chapter, Excel supports three sparkline types: Line, Column, and Win/
Loss. After you create a sparkline or group of sparklines, you can easily change the type by clicking
the sparkline and selecting one of the three icons located under Sparkline Tools➜Design➜Type. If
the selected sparkline is part of a group, all sparklines in the group are changed to the new type.
If you’ve customized the appearance, when you switch among different sparkline types,
Excel remembers your customization settings for each sparkline type.
Changing sparkline colors and line width
After you create a sparkline, changing the color is easy. Simply click the sparkline, go up to the
Sparkline Tools tab in the Ribbon, and select Design➜Style. There you will find various options to
change the color and style of your sparkline.
For Line sparklines, you can also specify the line width. Choose Sparkline Tools➜Design➜Style➜
Sparkline Color➜Weight.
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