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Customizing Sparklines
Figure 3-14 shows a better approach. Here the original data is transformed by subtracting the goal
from the pages read. The formula in cell B31 is
This formula was copied to the other cells in the B31:G38 range, and a group of Line sparklines
display the resulting values. This group has the Show Axis setting enabled and also uses Negative Point
markers so the negative values (failure to meet the goal) clearly stand out.
Figure 3-14: The axis in the sparklines represents the goal.
Specifying a date axis
By default, data displayed in a sparkline is assumed to be at equal intervals. For example, a sparkline
may display a daily account balance, sales by month, or profits by year. But what if the data isn’t at
equal intervals?
Figure 3-15 shows data, by date, along with a sparklines graphic created from column B. Notice that
some dates are missing, but the sparkline shows the columns as though the values were spaced at
equal intervals.
Figure 3-15: The sparkline displays the values as though they’re at equal time intervals.
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