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Customizing Sparklines
To better depict this type of time-based data, the solution is to specify a date axis. Select the
sparkline and choose Sparkline Tools Design Group Axis Date Axis Type.
Excel displays a dialog box, asking for the range that contains the corresponding dates. In this
example, specify range A2:A11 .
Click OK, and the sparkline displays gaps for the missing dates (see Figure 3-16).
Figure 3-16: After specifying a date axis, the sparkline shows the values accurately.
Auto-updating sparkline ranges
If a sparkline uses data in a normal range of cells, adding new data to the beginning or end of the
range does not force the sparkline to use the new data. You need to use the Edit Sparklines dialog
box to update the data range (choose Sparkline Tools Design Sparkline Edit Data).
But if the sparkline data is in a column within a Table object (created using Insert Tables Table as
described in Chapter 11), the sparkline uses new data that’s added to the end of the table.
Figure 3-17 shows an example. The sparkline was created using the data in the Rate column of the table.
When you add the new rate for September, the sparkline will automatically update its Data Range.
Figure 3-17: Creating a sparkline from data in a table.
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