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Chapter 4: Chartless Visualization Techniques
4. Click OK.
You immediately see the formatting option applied to the selected cells (see Figure 4-7).
Figure 4-7: With conditional formatting, you can easily see that September through December makes
up 40 percent of the total value in this dataset.
Creating Data Bars
Data Bars fill each cell you’re formatting with mini-bars in varying length, indicating the value in each
cell relative to other formatted cells. Excel essentially takes the largest and smallest values in the
selected range and calculates the length for each bar.
To apply Data Bars to a range, do the following:
1. Select the target range of cells to which you need to apply the conditional formatting.
2. Click the Home tab and choose Conditional Formatting➜Data Bars.
As you can see in Figure 4-8, you can choose from a menu of Data Bars varying in gradient and color.
Figure 4-8: Applying Data Bars.
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