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Chapter 4: Chartless Visualization Techniques
Figure 4-17: Change the Type drop-down box to Formula and enter the appropriate formulas in the
Value boxes.
In this example, you want your cells to get a Check icon only if the value of that cell is greater than
(or equal to) the average of the total values. Otherwise, you want Excel to skip right to the X icon
and apply the X.
Show only one icon
In many cases, you may not need to show all icons when applying the icon set. In fact, showing
too many icons at one time may only serve to obstruct the data you’re trying to convey in your
In the last example, you applied Check icons to values above the average for the range, whereas all
below-average values were formatted with the X icon (see Figure 4-18). However, in the real world,
you often need to bring attention only to the below-average values. This way, your eyes aren’t
inundated with superfluous icons.
Figure 4-18: Too many icons can hide the items you want to draw attention to.
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