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Chapter 4: Chartless Visualization Techniques
5. Back in the Conditional Formatting Rules Manager, place a check in the Stop If True check
box, as demonstrated in Figure 4-21.
Figure 4-21: Click Stop If True to tell Excel to stop evaluating those cells that meet the first condition.
6. Click OK to apply your changes.
As you can see in Figure 4-22, only the X icons are now shown. Again, this allows your audience to
focus on the exceptions, rather than determining which icons are good and bad.
Figure 4-22: This table is now formatted to show only one icon.
Show Data Bars and icons outside of cells
Although Data Bars and icon sets give you a snazzy way of adding visualizations to your dashboards,
you don’t have a lot of say in where they appear within your cell. Take a look at Figure 4-23 to see
what I mean.
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