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Using Symbols to Enhance Reporting
Figure 4-28: You can adjust the thresholds that define what up, down, and flat mean.
Using Symbols to Enhance Reporting
Symbols are essentially tiny graphics, not unlike those you see when you use the Wingdings,
Webdings, or the other fancy fonts. However, symbols are not really fonts. They’re Unicode
characters. Unicode characters are a set of industry-standard text elements designed to provide a reliable
character set that remains viable on any platform regardless of international font differences.
One example of a commonly used symbol is the Copyright symbol (©). This symbol is a Unicode
character. You can use this symbol on a Chinese, Turkish, French, and American PC, and it will be available
reliably with no international differences.
In terms of Excel presentations, Unicode characters (or symbols) can be used in places where
conditional formatting cannot. For instance, in the chart labels that you see in Figure 4-29, notice that the
x-axis shows some trending arrows that allow an extra layer of analysis. This couldn’t be done with
conditional formatting.
Figure 4-29: Use symbols to add an extra layer of analysis to charts.
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