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Using Symbols to Enhance Reporting
Now, take some time to review the steps that led to the chart in Figure 4-29.
Start with the data shown in Figure 4-30. Note a cell (C1 in this case) is designated to hold any
symbols you’re going to use. This cell isn’t really all that important. It’s just a holding cell for the symbols
you will insert.
Figure 4-30: The starting data with a holding cell for your symbols.
Follow these steps to integrate symbols into your visualization:
1. Click in C1 and then select the Symbol command on the Insert tab.
The Symbol dialog box opens, as shown in Figure 4-31.
2. Find and select your desired symbols, clicking the Insert button for each symbol.
Then follow these steps:
a. Select the DOWN symbol; then click Insert.
b. Click the UP symbol; then click insert.
3. Close the dialog box when you’re done.
Figure 4-31: Use the Symbol dialog box to insert the desired symbols into your holding cell.
At this point, you have the UP and DOWN symbols in cell C1 (see Figure 4-32).
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