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Using Symbols to Enhance Reporting
4. Click in the cell, go to the Formula bar, and copy the two symbols (highlight them and press
Ctrl+C on your keyboard).
Figure 4-32: Copy the newly inserted symbols to the Clipboard.
5. Go to your data table, right-click on the percentages and then select Format Cells.
The Format Cells dialog box appears.
6. Create a new custom format by pasting the UP and DOWN symbols into the appropriate
syntax parts (see Figure 4-33).
In this case, any positive percent will be preceded with the UP symbol, whereas any negative
percent will be preceded with the DOWN symbol.
Figure 4-33: Create a custom number format using the symbols.
Not familiar with custom number formatting? Feel free to visit Chapter 2 where we
cover the ins and outs of custom number formatting in detail.
7. Click OK, and you will see that the symbols are now a part of your number formatting.
Figure 4-34 illustrates what your percentages will look like. Changing any number from
positive to negative (or vice versa) will automatically apply the appropriate symbol.
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