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Customizing the Taskbar
Stardock Start8
Start8 by Stardock is a polished Start menu replacement that has all the features
you expect from a traditional Start menu with a reined modern look, as shown
in Figure 6-9. Customizable in a manner similar to Classic Shell, it lets users pick
which options are shown and even tweak the Start button images.
Figure 6-9: Stardock Start8 offers a Start menu replacement.
Start8 also has some unique features. For example, you can control it from a
Group Policy or disable the Metro “hot spots” that bring up the charms. That
feature is very helpful if you dread the new Metro world and just want to work in the
Desktop interface. Overall, Start8 is the gold standard for Start menu replacements.
Start8 costs $4.99, but a free trial is available. Head over to
to download the latest version.
Customizing the Taskbar
Windows 8 includes a reined taskbar that was designed to give you more control
and more flexibility when working on your computer. The taskbar, which can be
described as a giant Quick Launch bar, enables you to move applications around
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