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Adjusting the Recent List
All applications that participate in the Windows MRU (most recently used)
list automatically have a recent items component on their Jump List. Microsoft
Word shows recent documents; Internet Explorer shows recent websites; and
Microsoft Paint shows recently opened pictures on their Jump Lists. By default,
Windows shows the ten most recent used items. If you think that is too much
or too little, I’m going to show you how to tweak that setting.
Windows sets a maximum of 60 recent items possible to show in the Jump List,
although I never see that many even when I have it set to the max. I recommend
that you set the value between 5 and 20 to keep the recent list useful. The setting to
change the value is a little hard to find because it is not where you would expect it.
Follow these steps to customize how many items are displayed in your recent lists:
1. Right-click the taskbar and select Properties.
2. Click the Jump Lists tab.
3. Set the Number Of Recent Items To Display In Jump Lists as shown in
Figure 6-12.
4. Click OK and you are finished.
Figure 6-12: Adjust the number of recent items you want
to display.
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