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Enable Classic Taskbar Look and Behavior
Enable Classic Taskbar Look and Behavior
The Windows 8 taskbar has a clean appearance with just the icons of opened
and pinned applications grouped together by program. Microsoft realized that
not all users would like the new look and grouping, so it built in the
capability to turn labels back on. The result is what I call the classic taskbar look and
behavior, as shown in Figure 6-13.
Figure 6-13: Windows 8 taskbar with labels turned on
Similar to previous versions of Windows, the program label look and lack of
application grouping is helpful for users who dislike the new taskbar and want
a familiar look. Windows 8 offers three settings that enable you to configure
the taskbar’s appearance and behavior:
Always Combine, Hide Labels —Default taskbar behavior
Combine When Taskbar Is Full —Labels are enabled
Never Combine —Labels are enabled
I don’t recommend using the Never Combine setting because it makes
finding programs very difficult when you have a lot of windows and applications
open. Instead, I would use Combine When Taskbar Is Full to achieve the classic
look and behavior.
To make the changes, follow these steps:
1. Right-click the taskbar and click Properties.
2. On the Taskbar tab, locate the Taskbar Buttons drop-down list, and make
your selection.
3. Click OK or Apply to see the new setting in action.
If you want the true classic look of small icons combined with the classic look
and behavior, the next section is for you.
Customize Taskbar Icon Sizes
I always like to customize the taskbar icon size on my laptop because it has a
small screen. The large taskbar icons look great on my desktop LCD monitors
that run at high resolutions, but they take up too much space on the small screen
of my laptop. Customizing this setting also enables you to it many more pinned
and open applications on the taskbar. As you can see in Figure 6-14, there is a
big difference between small and large icons on the taskbar.
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