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Tweaking Taskbar Preview Delay
Figure 6-14: Choose the size of your taskbar icons.
You enable small icons in the Taskbar properties:
1. Right-click the taskbar and select Properties.
2. On the Taskbar tab, check Use Small Taskbar Buttons.
3. Click OK or Apply to see the result.
Tweaking Taskbar Preview Delay
Taskbar previews have been improved in Windows 8, enabling you to take a
quick peek at a window by hovering over its taskbar icon. My biggest complaint
is the delay before the taskbar previews are shown. I want to use the new features
but the amount of time I have to hover over a taskbar application is too long.
You can tweak this with a simple registry hack:
1. Open the Start screen, type regedit , and hit Enter.
2. When the Registry Editor is started, navigate through HKEY_CURRENT_
USER, Software, Microsoft, Windows, CurrentVersion, Explorer, and
3. Right-click Advanced, click New, and then click DWORD (32-bit) Value.
Name the new value ExtendedUIHoverTime .
4. Right-click the new ExtendedUIHoverTime value you just created and
select Modify.
5. Change the Base to Decimal and enter the new value in milliseconds and
click OK. The default value is 400 in the decimal base, which is 400
milliseconds. I like to set mine to 100.
6. Reboot and test your new setting.
Restore Classic Quick Launch Bar
The classic Quick Launch bar was a great way to start your programs in previous
versions of Windows. With the new taskbar in Windows 8, the Quick Launch
bar was removed and replaced with the application pinning feature. The ability
to pin an application to the taskbar is nice, but it does not exactly replicate the
old behavior of the Quick Launch bar.
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