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Tweaking Taskbar Preview Delay
Although the Quick Launch bar was removed in Windows 8, Microsoft left the
capability to add more toolbars on the taskbar as in previous versions of Windows.
You can exploit the toolbar feature to create a new toolbar pointing to the old
Quick Launch location. Follow these steps to resurrect the Quick Launch bar:
1. Right-click the taskbar and click Toolbars and then New Toolbar.
2. On the new toolbar, choose a folder screen, type %AppData%\Microsoft\
Internet Explorer\Quick Launch , and click Select Folder, as shown in
Figure 6-15.
Figure 6-15: You can restore the classic Quick Launch toolbar.
3. The Quick Launch toolbar is displayed on the far right of the taskbar, but
you are not finished yet. Next, make sure that the taskbar is not locked so
you can customize the toolbar that you just created. You can do that by
right-clicking the toolbar and making sure Lock The Taskbar is not checked.
4. After you verify that the taskbar is unlocked or have unlocked the taskbar,
you can remove the Quick Launch toolbar label. Right-click the Quick
Launch label and select Show Title to disable that feature.
5. Right-click the new toolbar again and select Show Text to disable that
feature as well.
6. The toolbar should begin to look familiar now. The last step is to position
and size the Quick Launch bar to the location you want on the taskbar. You
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