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Modifying the Taskbar Location
can resize it by left-clicking and holding on to the gripper bar on the left of
the toolbar. Then, just drag left or right to resize. If you want to move it back
to where it normally is, on the far left of the taskbar, right-click the gripper
bar on the left of the normal taskbar and drag it right. That will make the
new taskbar icons and the toolbar you just created switch locations.
If you want to replicate the full classic Windows taskbar look, I suggest you
also follow the Customize Taskbar Icon Sizes tweak and Enable Classic Taskbar
Look and Behavior tweak I mentioned earlier in this chapter. The combination of
all three tweaks is a great help to users who like the old behavior and look of the
Windows taskbar.
Modifying the Taskbar Location
The Windows taskbar always appears on the bottom of the screen, but did you
know that you can move it to any side you want? It is possible to move the
taskbar and create a very different look in Windows 8. Figure 6-16 shows what your
screen might look like if you move your taskbar to the left side of the screen.
Moving the taskbar is simple. Just follow three basic steps:
1. Right-click the taskbar and select Properties.
2. On the Taskbar tab, find the Taskbar Location On Screen drop-down box
and select the position you want to use.
3. Click OK or Apply and view your new location.
Figure 6-16: You can move the taskbar. Here it appears on the left side of the screen.
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