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Restoring the Start Button
3. For each system icon, toggle the drop-down list to turn each item on or off.
4. Click OK when you are finished.
Restoring the Start Button
The removal of the Start button was one the boldest changes to Windows in
years. After training users that is where you click to start any application for
more than fifteen years, Microsoft decided to throw away that longtime behavior
and introduce the “hot corner” to display the Start screen. We can speculate on
their intentions, but the fact remains that many people liked having a button to
click to display the Start menu.
In some situations the new “hot corner” makes using Windows more
difficult. I am a big user of virtual machines that display the running OS in a
window on my desktop. When I run a Windows 8 virtual machine, it is very
difficult to move the mouse into the lower-left corner to bring up the Start
screen. Often I move the mouse too far outside of the window of the virtual
Driven by my own annoyance with the lack of a Start button, I set out to
create a Start button replacement. The result of that effort was the Tweaks
.com Start utility. It is a simple application that you pin to your taskbar but
has a lot of useful features. Clicking it shows the Start screen, but that is just
the beginning. You can select which view of the Start screen you want to see.
The application view as shown in Figure 6-17 and the zoomed-out group view
as shown in Figure 6-18 are available in addition to the default Start screen
view. My personal favorite is the Start screen groups view because as the
number of apps on the Start screen grows, you can easily jump to a group
by just clicking it instead of scrolling to the right forever.
I also created a useful right-click Jump List for my Start button replacement
that put the most common tasks that are tucked away in Windows 8 within a
click. You will find that basic commands such as shutting down your PC and
administrative utilities are easy to access.
The best part is that customizing the Start button icon is very simple. Just open
up the Configuration window found on the top of the Jump List and change
the icon to any icon in a DLL or ICO file. Start is a free utility that you can download from .
Just install and follow the on-screen instructions to configure.
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