Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Chapter 7
Personalizing the Desktop
This chapter demonstrates cool tricks and tools to make your desktop look and
work much better so that you can also benefit from a customized desktop. I show
you how to remove icons, customize the size of icons, and replace icons on your
desktop. Then I show you how you can customize your desktop way beyond
changing your wallpaper. In the second half of this chapter, I show you how
you can customize the desktop background and extend it with Rainmeter skins.
Customizing the Desktop Icons
Building on the icon improvements in Windows Vista, Microsoft has continued
to refine the high-quality icons in Windows 8. These new high-resolution icons
include various sizes, all the way up to 256 x 256 pixels. This allows the icons
to look great at many different sizes and really shows off the quality and time
that was spent creating the hundreds of new icons.
The next few sections show you how to take advantage of the new icons, as
well as how to trim down icons to use in other areas where they are considered
more clutter than eye candy.
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