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Adjusting the Size of Desktop Icons
large now? Well, everything seems to be bigger in Windows 8, but thankfully,
as with other new features, it is very easy to adjust the size of the desktop icons.
You now have a choice between three different standard icon sizes on the
desktop. Figure 7-3 shows the three icon sizes: small (classic), medium, and large.
Figure 7-3: Desktop icons come in a variety of sizes.
You can change the icon size by simply right-clicking the desktop, clicking
View, and then clicking the icon size you prefer.
If you are a power user, there is a secret way to shrink or enlarge the icons
with a much wider range of sizes, but you must have an external mouse with
a scroll wheel. Just hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and scroll up or
down while on the desktop. You can create ridiculously large icons with this
method, as shown in Figure 7-4.
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