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Renaming the Recycle Bin
Figure 7-4: Create very large icons with the mouse scroll wheel trick.
Renaming the Recycle Bin
To give my desktop a personalized touch, I like to rename my Recycle Bin to
something different. In previous versions of Windows, this was possible only
through editing the registry. In Windows 8, it is much easier. Just perform the
following steps to rename your Recycle Bin:
1. Right-click the Recycle Bin on the desktop and click Rename.
2. Type a new name, such as Trash Compactor, and press Enter.
Customizing the Shortcut Arrow
One thing that I always hate about Windows is the shortcut arrow. Sure, it is
good to be able to tell if a shortcut is actually a shortcut, but I already know that
the applications I put on my desktop are shortcuts. Also, the shortcut
indicator that Windows uses does not look appealing, in my opinion. With a simple
registry hack, it is possible to replace that shortcut icon overlay with any icon.
This enables you to create your own icon using any popular icon editor and use
it as an overlay on any shortcut.
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