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Customizing the Icons
To get started, you first need to find some great-looking replacement icons.
Check out my favorite websites and download icons for your desktop:
Alternatively, you can use the library of Windows icons located in %SystemRoot%\
system32\SHELL32.dll .
Now, you can get started replacing icons on your desktop. Changing application
shortcut icons is easier than system icons such as the Recycle Bin or Computer.
Changing system icons requires the help of an icon utility. First, I show you how
to change application icons and then how to change system icons. Perform the
following steps to change any application icons:
1. Right-click the item for which you want to change the icon and select
2. On the Shortcut tab, click Change Icon.
3. While on the Change Icon screen, click the Browse button and navigate
to your new icon.
4. Select your new icon on the screen, as shown in Figure 7-6, and click OK.
5. Click OK again to exit and save your changes on the Properties screen.
Now that you know how to change application shortcut icons, you can change
system icons, such as the Computer shortcut or the Recycle Bin. It is best to
use an icon utility to make these changes. My favorite utility for this is called
Microangelo On Display, developed by Impact Software.
Figure 7-6: Select a new app icon.
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